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Interstellar Accelerator Book

Stellar Powered Interstellar Accelerator - The Book

Stellar Powered Interstellar Accelerator - The Book

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All the technology for manned interstellar travel has now been invented, with two minor exceptions, both of which involve the development of materials on existing lines. No advances in physics are required. 

The stellar powered interstellar accelerator provides the perfect solution for accelerating a starship to relativistic velocities, and is unlikely to be surpassed.

It is therefore not entirely surprising that the Jain Agamas, which possibly record the oldest of ancient legends, include a detailed description of this device, along with a great deal of information about the galaxy. 

The theme of this work is at the earliest civlizations on this planet possessed knowledge that must have come from an extraterrestrial source. 

John E. Anderson is a computer research consultant. 

Paperback, 120 pages, published 2023. 

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